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It’s never too early to prepare for winter when you’re in the safety business. Preventing hazardous slips and falls are important not only to protect employees, but to keep up your bottom line and make sure your workforce is as efficient as possible. Chet’s Shoes has manufactured several different types of winter boots and overshoes for almost a decade to help companies and individuals safe in cold and icy conditions.

Snowgear #411 Studded Pac Boot

The Snowgear #411 is a steel toe pac boot with a studded bottom. At 10 inches high, the boot sports a waterproof full grain leather upper and contains 1,000 grams of 3M Thinsulate insulation. The carbide studded sole is great for glare ice and is perfect for the person who does not want to deal with taking strap on studs on and off.

Snowgear #49 Studded Overshoe

Similarly, with its carbide studded sole, the #49 overshoe is amazing on glare ice and is often heralded as the ice fisher’s dream. Standing 14 inches high, the overshoe is fleece-lined for added warmth and can easily be worn over a tennis shoe as well as a work boot. The #49 contains a waterproof polyester upper and a Velcro closure with an easy D-ring adjustable strap. The boot also contains reflective material for visibility in low light conditions.

Snowgear #13 Studded Overshoe

Finally, the #13 overshoe is ideal for days when the weather is not as brutal. Standing 5 inches tall, the overshoe easily encases over the bottom and the ankle of the boot to protect from smaller amounts of ice and snow, or even mud. The overshoe does not feature any insulation, helping to keep it a good choice for milder days. Like the #49, the overshoe also has the Velcro D-ring adjustable strap, waterproof polyester upper, and reflective material. 

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