Sizing and Fit

Footwear size varies not only across brands, but within them as well. Sometimes you can compare one Timberland boot to another Timberland boot, or one Justin boot to another Justin, but that is not always the case. That’s because companies make shoes around lasts, a structure that determines the mold of the shoe. Each shoe style can have a different last, and many shoe styles share lasts within the same brand. Lasts can vary in many different aspects and affect everything from the instep, to the heel, to the toe. Many shoes sold in the United States are modeled after a standard American size however, even slight differences in a last can make the difference between a 10 in one brand and an 11 in another.
Because of size variation, not mention the overall look and feel of the shoe, Chet’s Shoes values being able to service customers in person so that we can measure their feet and base size on the style of boot you’re considering. While this is a great way to get you the footwear size you need, we know that coming into the store is not always feasible for everyone. Please call us at 1-833-253-1060 so we can help you determine the best fit before you order.